Our Goal – a Stable and Sustainable Power Supply for All

BayWa r.e. offers solutions for off-grid areas .

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Making solar energy accessible to everyone

Applying our expertise to this goal

Photovoltaics have a key role to play in the energy transition. And it’s our ambition to promote the increased use of renewable energy, worldwide.

We supply components and services all around the world, for the successful realisation of your photovoltaics projects. Our experts are there to support you, and can provide on-site advice about design, finance and implementation. Thanks to our comprehensive product range and sales offices located across the globe, we have the perfect network to achieve your aims.

Not only can you rely on us for solar components, but we can also apply our expert knowledge (built on many years of experience) specifically to your project.

Photovoltaic diesel hybrid solution for village power supply

Even today, many villages in Africa, Asia and Central and South America are not connected to the national grid. A village power supply can offer these people access to electricity.

Off-grid systems can provide the answer – that is, photovoltaic systems which are only partially connected, or completely unconnected, to the national grid. Particularly in very sunny parts of the world.they are ideally suited to electricity generation, Application areas range from small standalone systems, to the construction of an entire village power supply system.

In a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system, a diesel generator acts as an additional power source to back up the photovoltaic system. The diesel generator is regulated by a controller and only runs when more power is required, than the photovoltaic system can generate. This comprehensive system, therefore, offers a secure and affordable solution for long-term energy supply to both small and large off-grid communities.

Reference project: PV diesel hybrid solution for a hospital in Afghanistan

In cooperation with G.E. Consultancy and the local installer from Zularistan Ltd., BayWa r.e. supported the construction of a photovoltaic system on behalf of the Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan. The photovoltaic diesel hybrid system was specially developed to supply power to the first hospital in Bamyan Province. The aim was to reduce the consumption of diesel and make the hospital more independent in terms of its energy supply.

Thanks to the optimised design of the photovoltaic system with an installed capacity of 400 kWp and a powerful 1728 kWh battery storage system, the hospital is able to draw most of its electricity from solar energy. The diesel generator only starts up at night, once the capacity of the batteries is exhausted, and it continues providing power until the following morning.

As one of the largest system suppliers of its kind, BayWa r.e. was not only commissioned to supply the individual components. Together with local partner Zularistan Ltd., we were also responsible for the installation, commissioning and technical support on site.

Technical overview

Size of plant:400,085 kWp
Battery store:1,728 kWh
String inverters:15
Battery inverters:24; 192 kW max. output
Solar modules:1,633; each with 245 kWp
High voltage line length:approx. 750 m
    Helen Röcker
    Sales Manager
    BayWa r.e. Solar Energy Systems GmbH